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American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
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Prefinished Edgebanding

We use only environmentally friendly UV and hydro finishing systems to produce exact custom color and gloss matches. The fleece backer is also color matched based on the wood species used. We produce on one of the most modern and efficient finishing lines available on the market. Material produced is up to 630mm wide. The selection of finishing systems is made in close cooperation with the customer. Our sales representatives will gladly advise and assist you personally with any technical questions.
Pre-finished edgebanding is becoming more and more important to the manufacturing sector due to increased restrictions regarding the emission of solvents. Emissions can considerably be reduced by using pre-finished edgebanding.

Used for straight line application
- Especially suited for swift industrial manufacturing

Water based Finish:
Used for wrapping grade or softforming veneers
- Used on difficult profiles and tight radii