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American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
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Textured Veneer Edgebanding

Textured Edgebanding from A.V.E.C offers a new scope of design for standard wood species. The relief-like, 3 dimensional surfaces expand the tactile experience of wooden surfaces remarkably.
The special processing creates a unique visual appearance. It enhances the natural features of wood or generates completely new looks - creativity and possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Architects, designers and veneer processors can create extraordinary and modern designs by using textured veneer products from A.V.E.C.  

We offer the following standard designs:          

'Sandblast'                                          'Wave'

'Wormhole'                                         'Rough Cut'

The exact specifications can be determined individually based upon wood species and thickness.Textured surfaces from A.V.E.C. are available for all wood species, thicknesses and refinement options.