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American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
American Veneer Edgebanding Company, Inc./USA
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Special Design Edgebanding

Beside the standard edgebanding options A.V.E.C. also offers a wide range of special edgebanding that gives you the opportunity to create unique designs. 

Cross Grain Edgebanding
The Cross Grain veneer structur offers architects
 and furniture designers many attractive design possibilities. The edge can be optically accentuated and specially valorised.


Paintable thick edgebanding in rolls to cover edges of standard wooden board for furniture production.
EXwood® is a composite extrusion on the basis of wood fibres and Polypropylene. Compared to other paintable edgebanding materials, EXwood® offers the advantage that it shrinks and swells in the same ratio as the board material. This is very important in changing climatic conditions such as changing humidity for example.

Multiplex edgebanding in continuous rolls or in fixed lengths according to customer requirements.

Decorative but still modest is how Bamboo presents itself in thin and wide veneer design. Heitz produces Bamboo in thin and thick veneer edgebanding and also maintains a stock of Bamboo sheet veneers.